Those expectations include thoughtful and professional communications with our community (colleagues, parents, children), modeling appropriate behavior for our learners, and acting professionally.              

The obligation to treat your community with respect and kindness is rooted in the Jewish teaching that we are all created in the image of the Divine. When we greet every person with their inherent divinity in mind, we create a Truvie community that models this value. Your obligation to behave in this way applies to both your conduct during classes and your use of social media, blogs, and other online spaces. While we encourage you to enjoy your online engagement and all its benefits as you see fit, we do expect you to continue to use your best judgment and be aware that your audience may include your peers, community, and learners.  

Because our goal is to create and safeguard our trusted community, Truvie’s social media policy sets forth parameters, as well as specific examples of unacceptable online behavior. These inappropriate behaviors are likely to reflect exactly what you would expect of yourself and others. Here are some guidelines to follow when you’re engaging in Truvie-affiliated groups and in any online forum: 

  • Keep our community dialogue safe and welcoming: Don’t provoke, bully or create unnecessary conflict. Debate is only welcomed when it’s healthy and invited. 
  • Be respectful: Please don’t make derogatory or disrespectful comments about learners, teachers, parents, or Truvie staff--even if you don’t identify them by name. 
  • Be Kind: Don’t share content that contains or promotes hate speech, threats of violence, or endangerment of children.  
  • Follow our Privacy Policy: Don’t share any personally identifiable information or pictures about parents or learners--that includes descriptions of them, voices, names, conversations. 

Additionally, if you are concerned about your privacy, be sure to configure privacy settings to reduce visibility on your personal pages. While this can help you keep your personal life separate, we also caution that anything shared online could ultimately end up in the public realm. Our unsolicited advice: continue to treat anything you share on social media as public! 

If Truvie becomes aware of online behavior (whether on a Truvie-affiliated forum or a personal social media account) that violates this policy or our Code of Conduct, we may remove teachers from the platform. In addition, Truvie reserves the right to monitor and remove any content posted on an Truvie-affiliated forum for any reason. 

If you have concerns about the online behavior of another community member, please make a report to Please note that while Truvie will investigate and determine an appropriate course of action, we will not engage in discussions about the outcome nor discuss any other contexts in which we implement this policy.