B-Mitzvah Learning Experience for Grandparents and Teen Grandchildren - 5 Sessions

Many grandparents play a key role in their grandchildren’s Jewish experience. It is often grandparents’ responsibility to pass on Jewish traditions, values, and culture to the next generation — and this usually takes place in the home. 

Grandparents are in a unique position to participate in the B-Mitzvah rite of passage with their teen grandchild. Grandparents often have the time to do so, they are their grandchildren’s biggest cheerleaders, and they may be seeking deeper Jewish engagement and learning themselves.

Cost for the 5-session course: $475 per grandparent-grandchild pair. See below for more details. 

For an introductory-level experience, try the 2-part series


birthday-cake 11 - 13 year olds
users 2 - 20 learners per meeting
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Course Details


Online Jewish Learning and the Jewish Grandparents Network present L’Dor VaDor (“from Generation to Generation”), a program that provides a facilitated online setting for grandparents to engage Jewishly with their B-Mitzvah grandchildren regardless of physical location, affiliation with a religious institution, or previous experience with Jewish studies

This customized course consists of five hour-long sessions over the course of five weeks, at a time that is suitable for the participants and facilitator. Grandparent and grandchild will focus on a specific theme each week including: the personal meaning of “from generation to generation,” the significance of the B-Mitzvah coming-of-age ritual; the family’s heritage; personally relevant Torah text study (all in English); Jewish ethics and values; everyday application of Jewish concepts; and a mitzvah project that is meaningful to the teen. The program will conclude with a short, joyful ceremony marking the culmination of the learning experience. 


Truvie Teacher
The Truvie Teacher for this course will be finalized when dates are confirmed. Truvie teachers are some of the best Jewish educators from around the world. They have deep Jewish content knowledge and are experts in storytelling, drama, art, video editing, and so much more. They are passionate about creating fun, hands-on Jewish learning experiences.