Hebrew Crash Course to Prepare for B Mitzvah

This is an introductory Hebrew course where students will learn Hebrew using Online Jewish Learning's trusted methods. Students will engage with the Hebrew language, learn to decode and read Hebrew in preparation for their B MitzvahOpen to all students who have a B Mitzvah upcoming in the next 2 years. 


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birthday-cake 11 - 13 year olds
users 5 - 15 learners per meeting
clock-o 60 min per meeting
calendar See course information for further details
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Tamar Blomster
Tamar brings more than 22 years of teaching experience to her role at Online Jewish Learning. She is thrilled to have found her home with OJL, the “most welcoming community of diverse students and teachers of all ages, who are eager to grow together as Jews.” One of OJL’s Lead Teachers and curriculum developers, Tamar is passionately working behind the scenes to keep OJL at the forefront of Jewish Education. She lives in Tampa FL with her son.