Learn Jewish Values Through Cooking!

Culinary Judaics Academy

This mini-class series will explore three important Jewish values that anyone at any age can use to bring more meaning into every day and to help themselves and those around them.

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This mini class series will explore three important Jewish Values that anyone at any age can use to bring more meaning into every day and to help themselves and those around them.

WORKSHOP 1: Gemilut Hasadim - Acts of Lovingkindness.

  • RECIPE: CJA'S Sundried Tomato Risotto.
  • COOKING CONNECTION: While “love” may not be literally listed on the ingredients, you must put love and care into your cooking to commit the time and energy to make a dish that will coax the maximum amount of flavor out of ingredients. This workshop's recipe in particular requires time, patience, and love!
  • JEWISH CONNECTION: We will explore what it means, looks like, and feels like to practice Gemilut Chasadim or “acts of loving-kindness.” We will look at the origins of the phrase “loving-kindness” in Jewish texts to discover all the different ways we can engage in this sacred responsibility in our lives today.
  • EVERYDAY CONNECTION: Through acts of loving-kindness, we have the opportunity to see the world through another person’s eyes. We can also choose to act in ways that help uplift each other as well as the world around us.

WORKSHOP 2: Shituf Peulah - Cooperation.

  • RECIPE: CJA'S Vanilla Trifle with Jammy Sauce.
  • COOKING CONNECTION: Cooperation is a huge part of the cooking experience, especially when cooking for larger amounts of people (either at home or when eating out).
  • JEWISH CONNECTION: Shituf peulah, literally translates to “participation in activity” or “participation in work,” but can also mean “cooperation.” We will look at the Torah for inspiration and learn how three siblings (Moses, Miriam, and Aaron) used their different strengths to work together and accomplish great things.
  • EVERYDAY CONNECTION: Cooperation often requires showing up and doing the work! We can show up as our best selves by recognizing where our individual strengths are and working as a team with other people.

WORKSHOP 3: Tzedakah - Justice and Charity.

  • RECIPE: CJA'S White Bean Soup.
  • COOKING CONNECTION: Food justice is our response to those who have limited access to food or nutritious meals. When you deliver home-cooked, healthy meals to a local rescue mission, food pantry, or shelter for people who are housing insecure you are helping to balance the scales of justice.
  • JEWISH CONNECTION: Tzedakah is usually translated as “charity,” but really comes from the root word “tzedek” meaning justice or righteousness. By thinking about tzedakah as a form of justice as well as charity, we recognize that it isn’t a choice but rather a Jewish obligation to help those in need.
An operational, clean kitchen with access to an oven/stove top.
Supply List

Students must have access to an operational kitchen with routine equipment. Our recipes are very approachable and do not require fancy equipment. Recipes will be provided to students ahead of time so they may procure the necessary ingredients for each workshop.

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Chef Danny Corsun
Danny Corsun Headshot
Chef Danny Corsun has been a Chef-Educator since 2000 and is the founder/creator of Culinary Judaics Academy. This innovative program infuses meaningful experiential Jewish learning into cooking classes for ALL Jews, no matter their age, affiliation or practice. In 2021, CJA unveiled its plug and play, Netflix-esque platform, often referred to as “the master class for Jewish learning through cooking," to bring its Jewishly empowering and dynamic content and curriculum to the world! As Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Judaism is caught, not taught.” And CJA could not agree more!
Lena Shupper
Lena is the Operations Manager for the Culinary Judaics Academy. She has a lengthy background in Jewish education and a great love for cooking that leads to bringing people together.