Welcome, Teach! Let’s Promote Your Class!

Truvie is a startup, and one of the ways to best build your class roster is by appealing to your existing fans/students. We will do our part in terms of social media / marketing and highly suggest you do your own sharing, posting, and promoting as well. The channels that we focus on are Facebook and Instagram – you may also have email lists, WhatsApp, or a LinkedIN network. Even if you don’t feel like you’re “good” at social media, in this guide we share some language you can copy/paste, images you can select, and channels that you’ll be able to repost. Share widely and build your base! 


Your Class: The Basics

When your Truvie class is posted online, we will send you some materials specifically designed for you to promote your offering(s). The Truvie Team will also promote classes through our Facebook and Instagram feeds. In the weeks leading up to your class, we will post ads and tag you whenever possible to help spread the word.

We periodically have promotional codes for students to enroll in your class - that doesn't come out of your pay, and incentivizes enrollment for learners. Be sure you check in with us about any promotions we might be running.


Promoting Your Class: The Mandatory Steps to Success


Promoting Your Class: The Recommended (But Optional) Steps to Success

  • Step 3: Post additional Truvie marketing ads across various platforms and use the suggested marketing language below...or create your own! Be sure to always tag Truvie when you post!

    • More Images: Choose your own from this downloadable gallery and/or re-share what we post on social media. Have an idea for another image or tagline? Send it our way!

    • General Hashtags: #jewisheducation #virtual #truvie #virtuallearning #jewishlearning #elearning #onlinelearning 

    • Content-Specific Hashtags: #broadway #improv #gaming #games #torah #bible #writing #songwriting #besties #friends #jewishtext #jewishwisdom etc.

    • Additional Descriptions for Truvie – customizable across social media channels:

      • So many classes are beginning this month at Truvie! Head to Truvie.org to start your Jewish Learning adventure! Use code Truvie10 to get $10 off your next class! #truvie #jewisheducation #jewishlearning #virtuallearning #elearning #onlinelearning 

      • Begin your Truvie Jewish learning adventure in 3 easy steps!  (1) Head to Truvie.org (2) Choose your class! (3)Enter discount code Truvie10 at checkout. Start your next learning adventure today! #truvie #jewisheducation #jewishlearning #virtuallearning #elearning #onlinelearning 

      • Come join the Jewish community everyone is talking about! Start your Truvie journey at Truvie.org today. #truvie #jewisheducation #jewishlearning #virtuallearning #elearning #onlinelearning 

Please let us know if you find these suggestions helpful, and we'd love any additional feedback you can provide to make this experience all that it can be.

We are excited to help promote your classes and make them a success!