Minecraft Judaism: It's Time for Hanukkah!

Join Lost Tribe's instructors in fun, educational, and experiential learning in Minecraft to celebrate Hanukkah! We'll play dreidel and make latkes and build our own menorahs. Appropriate for players ages 8-12; beginner-level Minecraft experience required. 

Lost Tribe

birthday-cake 8 - 12 year olds
users 5 - 20 learners per meeting
clock-o 60 min per meeting
calendar See course information for further details
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Lost Tribe is a Jewish nonprofit organization rethinking Jewish engagement, identity, and education for Gen Z.  In the Pre-teen space, we design and deliver Jewish and Israel-themed educational experiences in Minecraft, providing counselor-led, immersive experiences for kids ages 8-12. For teens and young adults, we've built an online community around content creation, social media, gaming, influencers, youth culture, and more. It's an authentic and inclusive space where users can find their own Jewish friendships, explore Jewish identity, and hang out with Jewish teens from the U.S., Canada, Israel, and around the world.


Beginner-level Minecraft experience
Supply List

You can use a computer, tablet, Chromebook, or mobile device, (not a console e.g. switch, xbox). Each child will need headphones if they will be participating in a room with other kids to avoid feedback. Create a Microsoft account and download Minecraft (if you have not already done so), purchase the license ($30 USD for Java, varies for Mobile). Minecraft can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store or minecraft.net. Must have Java or Bedrock. Education Edition will not work.


Roi Gil (He/Him)
Roi Gil
Roi Gil provides educational content about Judaism through the exciting world of Minecraft. Roi does this through visiting replicas of Israeli locations in Minecraft, learning about the holidays through insightful discussions and games, and ensuring the kids are engaged in the content. Roi grew up in Israel, so he is always able to add fun facts about the tours he takes the kids on, or the holidays they mention. Even after moving away from Israel, Roi has been involved in the Jewish community, partaking in the Israeli scouts for 5 years before joining Lost Tribe.