Engaging in Meaningful Conversations with Your Teen and Tween: 2-Part Workshop

Parent Class

As young people develop and mature, parents begin to slowly shift from supporting through "doing" to supporting through "conversations." The ability for parents to have deeper conversations with their teens and tweens lies at the core of parents being able to connect with, support, and guide their teens and tweens through adolescence. This workshop series will break down best practices of effective parenting techniques, focusing on communication and relationship building. 

Participants will have the opportunity to learn alongside parents experiencing similar challenges. Parents will walk away from each session with a depth of understanding, valuable new skills, Jewish framing, and a community of support. 

users 5 - 20 learners per meeting
clock-o 60 min per meeting
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Course Details


Workshop session 1: Parents will learn and practice the basics of a motivational interviewing technique called OARS. This technique helps facilitate open conversations between parents and their tw/teens, the basis for enhancing their evolving relationship.  

Workshop session 2: When dealing with challenging conversations with your tw/teen, it is important that parents bring their best selves to the table. During this session, parents will discuss, share, and reflect upon a series of important questions to ask themselves before entering potentially turbulent waters with your tw/teen.  


Erica Hruby
Erica Hruby
Erica Hruby is a tween and teen specialist with over 28-years of professional experience working directly with tweens and teens in community, academic, and residential environments. She is the founder of Anchored Parenting, LLC and the creator of the parent education workshop entitled, 'PhD in Parenting Tweens and Teens.' Erica is a parent educator and coach who works with parents, tweens, teens, educators, grandparents, and a multitude of youth education and engagement organizations across the U.S. She holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on children and teens. Erica also serves as Senior Manager, National Teen Education and Engagement at The Jewish Education Project.