Anxiety in Early Childhood: Tips and Strategies for Caregivers

Parent Class

Like all parts of Jewish life, parenting in community strengthens us. In this webinar we’ll use a Jewish lens to discuss milestones of parenting young children as we gain insights from experts in early childhood development. 

In this workshop, Dr Busman will talk about common fears that children have, many of which are normal and developmentally appropriate. Specific strategies will be discussed related to how to support children who have fears or worries that go beyond what is typical, including how to both validate worries and also provide opportunities to try new things and step out of one's comfort zone. 

Presented in partnership with Project SEED and the Westchester Jewish Community Services. 

parent and child
users 5 - 50 learners per meeting
clock-o 60 min per meeting
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Dr. Rachel Busman
Rachel Busman
Dr. Busman is clinical psychologist and the Senior Director of the Child & Adolescent Anxiety and Related Disorders Program at Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants (CBC). Dr. Busman has extensive experience as an evidence based therapist working with children, teens and parents struggling with anxiety disorders and other related mental health disorders. She also has a specific interest and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of selective mutism and OCD. Dr. Busman is the former president of the Selective Mutism Association and the author of Being Brave With Selective Mutism. She is certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.