Applying to Teach on Truvie

  • Truvie teachers need to complete the Truvie Teacher application and submit all relevant paperwork.
    • Truvie teacher and/or course application
      • Bio
      • Headshot
      • Submit all background check materials and successfully pass
      • Financial paperwork
  • Truvie teachers will create and teach at least 1 course.
    • In most cases, a course should consist of at least 3 classes over a 3-week period.
    • In most cases, courses shouldn’t be longer than 6 classes over 6-week period.
    • The duration of each class should be at least 45 minutes long and may last up to 75 minutes.
    • For more information, please review the Truvie Course Content Policy.

Preparing to Teach on Truvie

  • In order to properly teach on the integrated Zoom platform, Truvie teachers need appropriate hardware and software. For maximum success, teachers should have a stable, strong internet connection. A wired connection is preferred. Chrome, Edge, or Safari are preferred browsers. Mozilla is not recommended. For more details, check out the Truvie Teacher Electronics Guidelines.
  • In their workspace, teachers should have:
    • Space free of distractions, with a tidy background, free from inappropriate items and noisy disruptions.
    • Good lighting.
    • If possible, a second monitor.
  • Truvie Teachers will complete initial tech training and orientation with a member of Team Truvie prior to teaching their first class.
  • Minimum enrollment in all Truvie classes is 3 learners, and maximum enrollment is 20 learners. A Truvie teacher can request to increase the minimum or decrease the maximum enrollment if they believe this will help the class run successfully.
  • We encourage keeping the minimum enrollment as close to 3 learners as possible in order to have successfully completed, positively rated classes, which will likely boost enrollment in future classes.
  • If a class doesn’t meet minimum enrollment requirements 24 hours before the class begins, then the class will be cancelled. The Truvie Team will send cancellation notifications to learner families.
  • Communications
    • Truvie Teachers will send a welcome email to their learners at least 48 hours before the first session, including information that learners will need to be successful in the class including information about supplies and prep.
    • Truvie Teachers will send a reminder email in the 24 hours before class, reminding learners to log on to their dashboard to access the class link and to bring whatever supplies they need.
    • Teachers also send a reminder email 30 minutes before class starts.
      • Truvie Teachers will check in with an absent learner’s family, sharing any information that would help the learner access missed content (a link, a video, a document).
    • If, through these communications, teachers become concerned about the health and safety of a learner, they should share that information with Team Truvie. See below for more detailed information about responding to learner health and safety concerns.
    • Truvie Teachers will respond to all Truvie-related communications (with families and with Team Truvie) within reasonable timeframe, preferably within 24 hours, but no later than 48 hours. 
  • Teachers should reserve a makeup course date. A makeup class will only take place if the class must be cancelled for reasons beyond the teacher's control, such as a power outage.
  • The teacher can reschedule a class at any point so long as learners are not yet enrolled.
  • Each course needs to be submitted with the appropriate description and supportive materials, which are listed in the course application form.
  • Each course is subject to approval by Team Truvie.

While You Are Teaching on Truvie – Day Of

  • Truvie teachers should arrive early to class, no less than 30 minutes before start time, do a tech check, and prepare to let learners in a few minutes early so you can start on time.
  • If your learners enter the waiting room early, welcome them in and engage them in conversation while others arrive.
  • Truvie teachers should be present with learners the entirety of class – please silence devices and remain “on” throughout the class.
  • The only acceptable multitasking during class is communicating with the Helpdesk regarding technological issues or with learners and their parents who are having trouble logging into class. It is recommended that teachers try to work with Helpdesk over email or text, instead of phone.
  • Truvie teachers will follow appropriate child safety and reporting laws, in cooperation with, and supported by, the Truvie legal team, including notifying us about your concerns immediately at For more details, see the Truvie Responsibility to Report section.

While You Are Teaching on Truvie – In General

  • Truvie teachers will use social media appropriately, as outlined in Truvie Social Media Policy..
  • The teacher may create and teach as many courses as they would like (and as many as the market will support), subject to Truvie Team approval.
  • Teachers will complete an evaluation for each course. 
  • Teachers will encourage learner families to complete course evaluations as well.
  • Truvie Teachers will not offer any approved Truvie course on another educational platform or website for a lower fee. 

Payment for Teaching on Truvie